Hi! 👋 I'm Jackie.

I'm a UI/UX Designer

In my previous life, I’ve worked in finance, dipping my toes as an analyst in real estate investments and regulatory compliance before transitioning into the startup life, working for a sipping broth startup and then a fintech startup (Tallyx). Tallyx was an early stage fintech company developing beyond just a supply chain finance platform using blockchain technology and I built the branding, web designs, design system, wireframes for 20+ APP concepts.  

Even though I didn’t start out as a designer, I choose to stay in design because I love how it combines the two fields of visual details and problem-solving; it’s aesthetically pleasing but also practical. As for UX design, I resonate with it; once you throw out your own biases as a designer and trust the UX process, you open up the doors to new insights and new solutions.

When I’m not designing, you’ll always find me under the sun, hiking, camping, meditating or just sunbathing. I’m always searching for new experiences, having staring contests with my dogs (yes, it does strengthen the bond with your pet) or cruising on my motorcycle (her name’s Sierra). I enjoy listening to other people’s passions and their journeys and am most attracted if it’s an unconventional way of doing things.




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